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Clearing in and out of Antigua & Barbuda Waters can be a time-consuming exercise

Clearing Direct Contact Number: 1-268-736-4601/02

Many things must be taken into consideration when Arriving or departing Antigua Barbuda waters

Some of the things that might be required on entering or while in Antigua & Barbuda Waters

  • Visa Requirements for certain nationalities both crew and Passengers
  • Crew and Passengers Leaving the boat in Antigua & Barbuda
  • Change of Captain
  • Change of crew
  • National Park fees
  • Booking Customs & Immigration officers for outside of normal office hours

On a busy day Clearance into Antigua & Barbuda may take several hours

Anchor Concierge & Super Yacht Services offers on a full time Base an Agent to take care of all the above for you allowing you to have a stress-free arrival or departure in Antigua & Barbuda waters

For further information on Customs and Immigration requirements in Antigua & Barbuda please  follow the link below

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If the traveller is the holder of a valid U.K, U.S, Canada or Schengen Visa. The passenger can travel without applying online and then a payment in the sum of US $100.00 can be made on arrival at the airport. This however is not a visa This is valid for 30 days. single entry. This payment cannot be done before the person arrives. It has to be done directly by the passenger.

Should the traveler need to travel out once more, then the process is also the same and US$100.00 will be required to clear the border at immigration once traveling by air. If the travel leaves via M/Y or Cruise liner then the payment isn’t required.

However, if the person traveling does not hold any of the above visas they will need to process an online application BEFORE the arrive in Antigua. Details of the online application process and a list of documents that is required can be found on the Antigua & Barbuda government website:

Click the link to see the following countries that Do Not Require a Visa to enter Antigua and Barbuda.