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Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights Lookout is home to the ‘biggest and best’ party and is a ‘must do’ on the island every Sunday for the last 25 years where crowds of visitors and locals converge from 4pm to reserve their spot to watch the most wonderful view of the sunset on the island, as the Steel Band […]

English Harbour

English Harbour has been the haunt of many famous naval officers including Rodney, Nelson, Collingwood, Prince William Henry, Hood, and Cochrane. Today the Dockyard at English Harbour is named after the victor of the battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Lord Nelson. Nelson was based at English Harbour from 1784 to 1787. He was Senior Captain at […]

Museum of Antigua & Barbuda

The Museum of Antigua & Barbuda was opened in 1985 and is operated by the Historical & Archaeological Society, a private non-profit organisation. The exhibits, which interpret the story of Antigua from its geological birth to political independence, are placed in the old St. John’s Court House of 1750, a very historic building. Today, it […]

Dockyard Museum

The Dockyard Museum was built in 1855 and originally served as officers’ quarters in the Royal Navy Dockyard.  Restored in the 1970s, the building served as offices for the National Parks before opening its doors as a museum in 1997.  Today the museum presents the history of Nelson’s Dockyard alongside exhibits that highlight current archaeological […]