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We have some good bays and anchorages in Antigua, with little or no restrictions on Jets ski use, Diving etc, along with the marinas.

Nonsuch bay on the east side of the island is well protected behind a reef that acts aa breakwater and offers a clam flat anchorage with no swell, its best accessed through the channel to the south of green island. There is the Nonsuch bay resort there too with a restaurant and facilities.

Carlisle Bay on the south west corner of the island is also a good anchorage and is close to good snorkeling and dive spots on Nearby Cades reef, from here there are also two resorts available with Carlisle Bay hotel and The Curtain Bluff hotel.

Falmouth Harbour bay offers good anchorage as well as the marinas, and at Pigeon beach near the entrance there Catherine’s Cafe, which is a very trendy and upmarket beach restaurant and hang out spot.

Nelson’s dockyard is a great overnight berth where the guests can walk around the 18th century restored dockyard area, with restaurants and bars, in a historic surrounding.

Around on the west coast there are many great beaches to anchor off and just north of Jolly Harbour there is Five Islands Bay, that has some gear descended beaches where it is possible to have a private beach Barbecue unlikely to be disturbed by anyone else. This bay also is home to the Hermitage hotel resort, a small resort with great character and charm, with a nice restaurant on the beach.

North of Five Islands is Deep bay which again has a great beach and good snorkeling over a wreck in the bay.————