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Deep Bay

is just west of St. John’s Harbour, Deep Bay offers one of the most secure anchorages on the west coast. Certain weather conditions can generate a swell in the bay. There is eight feet of water almost to the beach. Several hotel complexes have been built on this once secluded anchorage. Visitors can take advantage of their facilities including restaurants. When entering Deep […]

Dickenson Bay

is a great spot for nightlife. The beach is dotted with hotels and restaurants. There is a casino and discos. During the day water sports businesses rent sunfish, windsurfers, and water skis. Horseback riding and tennis courts are available. Approach from outside Sister’s Rock if you draw more than seven feet. The bay is open and in certain weather conditions the sea can […]

Five Islands Bay

can be spotted by five rocky islets off the southern part of the bay. It is a secluded anchorage with five beaches. Maiden Island has a nice anchorage. At the head of the bay is a secluded beach but with only six feet of water. The eastern part of the bay is shoal with plenty of mosquitoes. At the entrance to […]

Morris Bay & Jolly Beach

A great place to stop when craving an active social life. Morris Bay offers a secure anchorage for large yachts but as is typical on the west coast, shoaling prevents yachts lying close to shore. A direct line between Reed and Ffryes Points has five feet of water. A calm anchorage can still be found beyond this line and a quiet anchorage […]

Picarts (Darkwood Beach) & Ffryes Bay

Two lovely beaches make this a good spot for an afternoon lunch. Ten feet can be carried close to shore, but there is a tendency to shoal. There is a rocky patch marked on the charts but not visible on the surface. It is about 1,600 yards off shore from Picarts due west of the sugar mill. It covers an area […]

Cades Reef

When sailing the southern coast of Antigua, the water is calmer inside Cades and Middle Reef. For a clear run inside the reefs line up Goat Head Channel with Johnson’s Point and Old Road Bluff. The sand bank between Goats Head Channel and Cades Reef was partly eroded by Hurricane Luis making it more difficult […]

Curtain Bluff

Another palm-lined beach with an elegant hotel on shore. If the wind is south of east this will be a swell affected anchorage and the weedy bottom is poor holding. Reservations are required for dining in the Curtain Bluff Hotel and a jacket and tie required for gentlemen. Another palm-lined beach with an elegant hotel […]

Carlisle Bay

A beautiful palm-lined anchorage. The shore is lined with coral but the centre has a clear bottom and is calm if the wind is not out of the east. It is a lovely lunch spot but if a the swell gets up it can make an uncomfortable overnight anchorage.————

Anchorages/Dive Sites

We have some good bays and anchorages in Antigua, with little or no restrictions on Jets ski use, Diving etc, along with the marinas. Nonsuch bay on the east side of the island is well protected behind a reef that acts aa breakwater and offers a clam flat anchorage with no swell, its best accessed […]

Shopping – Heritage quay

Whether you plan to spend a day shopping while on holiday in Antigua, or you are arriving on a cruise ship and have only 1 day to satisfy your urge to shop, Heritage Quay is the place to be when visiting Antigua’s capital city of St. John’s. The largest and modern of two Quays in […]