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Rendezvous Bay Trail

There are a number of ways to access Rendezvous Bay, either from the Fig Tree Hill area, and Carlisle Bay, or from the English Harbour area. The beach itself is accessible by boat, although the bay can have swell making it difficult to moor up. We love this trail from Falmouth as you get to […]

Monks Hill Trail

his hike is one of the lesser used ones, and climbs to just under 700 meters. That said the unbelievable views are worth it, from the Sherkley Mountains in the West, to Willoughby Bay in the East, English Harbour and the airport, you get views of much of the island along the hike. Starting on […]

Middle ground trail

his is one of the favourites for the active yachtie. The goat track is the nickname of the Middle Ground Trail, running along the ridge of the Windward bay peninsula, between Nelson dockyard and Pigeon Beach. Its a pretty walk, with some steep climbing at the start either end, and some pleasant bushwalking along the […]

The Carpenter trail

The trail to Carpenter’s Rock up to Shirley Heights is a beautiful walk, not least because in places you won’t see one building or one person probably. You can easily imagine that it is just you, the ocean and probably a few goats in the world. Carpenters Rock is a flat shelf of rock just above […]

Valley jones trail

This walk is perfect if you set out a little later in the morning as the forest provides beautiful shade for most of the hike. The trail starts a little up the road from Freeman’s Bay and leads up to Shirley Heights. The start of the hike is just opposite the tradesman’s entrance to The […]

Lookout Trail

The Lookout Trail like allof the trails in this area, can either be approached from the top, there is a sign marking the top of the trail through Shirley Heights Lookout to the right, or from the bottom just up the road from Freeman’s Bay, back up the road coming out of the Galleon Beach Resort. Difficulty is […]