Middle ground trail

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his is one of the favourites for the active yachtie. The goat track is the nickname of the Middle Ground Trail, running along the ridge of the Windward bay peninsula, between Nelson dockyard and Pigeon Beach. Its a pretty walk, with some steep climbing at the start either end, and some pleasant bushwalking along the ridge with good views over Falmouth Harbour,Windward Bay, and Nelson Dockyard.

The start of the trail is signposted on Pigeon beach, just across the road from Bumpkins. Go up the hill to the first lookout spot, and follow the ridge path in an eastward direction. The track might be a bit faint at the beginning of the season, but once the first few hundreds of walkers have gone though, it all becomes pretty clear and well defined. There are good views along the way. The track ends at the seaward entrance of English harbour, where you rejoin the trail to Fort Berkley on the western headland of the bay, from where you double back towards Nelson’s Dockyard.

Eastbound or westbound, this is a very popular morning or evening jog or walk- maybe the most popular of all.