Rendezvous Bay Trail

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There are a number of ways to access Rendezvous Bay, either from the Fig Tree Hill area, and Carlisle Bay, or from the English Harbour area. The beach itself is accessible by boat, although the bay can have swell making it difficult to moor up.

We love this trail from Falmouth as you get to take in the beauty of the ocean from the cliff side walk on the way around, can plan some beach time, and then have a relatively easy hike bike, although it is up hill for a good proportion of the hike, and therefore you should think about what you eat or drink at the beach (it maybe a little tough after too many beers).

If you are just looking for a good work out, you can do this hike without a beach stop in about 90 minutes, or you can make a day of it. The hike starts in Falmouth, as you are driving out of Falmouth, just before you start to climb up Horsford Hill, turn left onto Farreel Avenue and drive along the road until you reach the split in the road with a sign for Spring Hill Riding Stables. Park in that area but make sure your car is off the road, and you will start by taking the road to the left which leads down to Turtle Bay. The hike is circular and so it ends by you coming back down past the stables on the other road.